Sanders' delegates to Clinton: Boo!

Jul 26, 2016

If you missed the opening night of the DNC, don't worry: Here are the five most important takeways from the show.


Politico's Glenn Thrush reports: "Even Bernie wasn’t Bernie enough to tame Bernie’s revolution."


"Polls show that the majority of Bernie Sanders supporters are consolidating around Hillary Clinton. But hundreds of die-hard Sanders backers — furious over revelations the Democratic National Committee colluded with Clinton campaign officials — resisted their candidate’s calls to unify around the party’s nominee, or at least booed lustily when he called for them to mobilize for Clinton."


"The shake-up of the party’s senior leadership on the first day of a Democratic National Convention that was supposed to unify Democrats around their sturdy but widely unadored nominee wasn’t enough to appease progressives who still believe the Clintons rigged the game against them. “Brothers and sisters, this is the real world we live in!” Sanders implored his supporters at an outdoor rally hours before he was scheduled to address the convention to offer his un-Ted Cruz-like backing to the candidate who defeated him."


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California's Supreme Court could be jeopardizing constitutional rights, according to two well respected federal judges.


Maura Dolan reporting with L.A. Times writes: "Two federal judges warned Monday that the California Supreme Court’s practice in certain criminal cases was jeopardizing citizens’ constitutional rights."


"U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Jay S. Bybee, a George W. Bush appointee, and Stephen Reinhardt, who was elevated to the court by President Carter, expressed their frustrations in a ruling that will allow a state prisoner to challenge his detention in federal court."


"The case dealt with legal deadlines, and the 11-judge appellate panel found itself having to surmise why the California Supreme Court had rejected the habeas corpus filing — the legal means by which inmates can win their freedom."


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After a decisive victory in Sacramento's mayoral race, Darrell Steinberg asks opponents who fell out of his good graces on the campaign trail to correct their behavior.


Sac Bee's Anita Chabria reports: "For Sacramento Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg, one part of his campaign isn’t over yet – payback for those who fought against him."


"Weeks after winning the mayor’s race in a landslide, Steinberg said he recently met with “some of the folks who opposed my candidacy.” And despite his nice-guy public image, Steinberg said his election foes have some explaining to do before they’re back in his good graces."


"“Every conversation I have had has been an honest, no-holding-back conversation,” he said. “I have done well in this bare-knuckle business over 20-plus years for a variety of reasons and I understand how it all works."


Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is now under the microscope for, of all things,  plagiarism.


AP's Juliett Williams writes:"An online magazine opinion piece attributed to California's lieutenant governor contains at least one paragraph that largely initially appeared elsewhere, while several of the Democratic politician's Twitter and Facebook posts from the last month lack citations to their original sources."


"In an article criticizing Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence for his record on lesbian and gay issues, Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom wrote about Pence's support for conversion therapy — a discredited practice intended to "retrain" gay people."


"One paragraph contains sentences nearly identical to those on the website of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, but it is not attributed as such.'


OP-ED: And with police-citizen tension at an all-time-high, Stockton's police chief Eric Jones tries to figure out a way to start healing officer-community relations and improving oversight.


Tina Rosenberg in the N.Y. Times: "The horrors of the last few weeks — eight police officers assassinated, at least two more unarmed black men to add to a long list of those killed by police — have produced increasingly desperate calls for unity and understanding. How can Americans build empathy and trust between their police and their minority communities? How can they stop the killings? And is there a way to do this while reducing crime?"


"On July 17, Eric Jones, the police chief in Stockton, Calif., spoke at Progressive Community Church, an African-American church on Stockton’s south side. On Sunday evening, people from three different churches gathered at Progressive to talk about police-community relations. The police department streamed the speech live on Facebook, where it has 94,000 followers."


"Jones talked about the murdered police officers. But his real subject was black lives, not blue ones. “There was a time where police were used to be dispatched to keep lynchings ‘civil,’ ” said Jones, who is white. “The badge we wear still does carry the burden, and we need to at least understand why those issues are still deep-rooted in a lot of our communities.” And injustice continues, he said: “We know that there are disparities in arrests and shootings across the country."


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And across the ocean, a nation is in shock and mourning after a knife-wielding maniac murdered 19 disabled people in a care-giving facility in Japan


Associated Press' Mari Yamaguchi and Yuri Kageyama report in The Chronicle: "A young Japanese man went on a stabbing rampage Tuesday at a facility for the mentally disabled where he had been fired, officials said, killing 19 people months after he gave a letter to Parliament outlining the bloody plan and saying all disabled people should be put to death."


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And now a page out of our "Public Edumucation" file ...


Remember kids: stay in 'scohol.'


UPI: "DELTONA, Fla., July 25 -- A Florida high school's spelling is under scrutiny after the road outside the building was freshly painted to read "SCOHOL."


"Kevin O'Korn posted a photo to Facebook Saturday showing Volusia County had painted the road outside Pine Ridge Middle School in Deltona to read "SCOHOL," and the spelling error appeared twice."


"It was unclear whether the fault for the painting mistake lies with the school district, the county or an independent contractor."