Terror in Manchester

May 23, 2017

A suicide attack last night at a pop concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, has left at least 22 dead and scores more wounded. Officials are pointing their fingers at terrorism and ISIS claims responsibility, while President Trump decries "evil losers".


LA Times MATT PEARCE/MELISSA ETEHAD/RICHARD WINTON/CHRISTINA BOYLE: "At least 22 people were killed and more than 59 others were injured Monday night in an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in the British city of Manchester that police said was caused by a bomber carrying an improvised explosive device."


"The explosion happened near an entrance to the 21,000-seat arena just minutes after Grande’s concert ended with the song “Dangerous Woman” and the singer left the stage, witnesses said."

"Many of the concert’s attendees were girls and young women, some clutching pink balloons, who had come to see one of the world’s biggest pop stars. After the explosion, many children were either separated from their parents or came unaccompanied and didn’t know where to go."


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A portion of Highway 1 has been buried under 40 feet of rocks and dirt after a crippling landslide forced closure on parts of the road.


AP: "A massive new landslide along California's iconic coastal Highway 1 has buried the road under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt, the latest hit in a winter of crippling slides and flooding."

"A swath of the hillside gave way in an area called Mud Creek on Saturday night, covering about one-third of a mile of road and changing the Big Sur coastline below, Colin Jones, a spokesman with the California Department of Transportation, said Monday."


"A massive slide. We've never seen anything like that,” Jones said."


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UC Berkeley has a young student who has dedicated his extracurricular time to developing a UAV that fights fires and helps decrease firefighter response time.


Daily Californian's AUDRy MCNAMARA: "Paladin Drones, a startup created by campus freshman Divyaditya Shrivastava, aims to decrease response time and increase information for firefighters through innovative unmanned aerial vehicle — drone — technology."

A fire doubles in size every 30 seconds, according to Shrivastava, but the drones used by Paladin can fly up to 45 mph, providing critical information about the fire to firefighters still en route to the scene."

“So now they have a plan of attack ready and can start attacking the fire immediately,” Shrivastava said."


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A spate of Wells Fargo-related scandals the past couple of years has prompted a movement known as "DIVE$T from Wells Fargo,"  an effort to have localities stop doing business with the banking giant.


Daily Californian's CHRISTINE LEE: "A petition named “DIVE$T from Wells Fargo” on Change.org has been made, calling for the city to discontinue its financial affairs with Wells Fargo Bank."

"The petition, started by the Indivisible Berkeley Economic Justice Team, comes after the city council’s proposal to maintain its current banking service contract with Wells Fargo only until May 2018. The resolution will be discussed at the City Council meeting May 30."


"The report of the resolution, sponsored by Mayor Jesse Arreguín, and councilmembers Linda Maio, Sophie Hahn and Ben Bartlett, cites various malpractices of the bank such as transferring of funds without clients’ knowledge or consent, opening of 1,534,280 potentially fraudulent deposit accounts and financing of the private prison industrial complex and the Dakota Access Pipeline."


A recent viral video of a young tourist in Canada being pulled underwater by a sea lion has many wondering, "just how dangerous are these cute creatures?"


Mercury News' PATRICK MAY: "The video has gone viral in recent days: a cute little girl sits on a pier by the water while a sea lion swims about nearby. Suddenly, and without warning, the beast attacks, grabbing the girl in its jaws and flinging her into the water."

Luckily, the disturbing scene captured Saturday at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf near Vancouver, Canada has a happy ending: a man jumps into the water and pulls the girl back to safety."

"Here’s the video if you happen to be the only person left on the planet who has yet to stream it:"


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A high school student is embattled with his school district after an action movie parody released by the young man contains allegedly inflammatory Muslim-insensitive content, angering parents at the school.


East Bay Times' ANGELA RUGGIERO: "A high school student who won his race for student body president after showing an inflammatory video depicting teens as armed “Muslim terrorists” will be able to keep the position after challenging the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in court."


"The video, which the teen posted on his Twitter account in February, appeared to be a joke gone bad. When school officials later attempted to yank away the win, the student sought legal action."

The district backed off after the student, Nathaniel Yu, 17, claimed his free speech rights were being violated."


Ransomware cyberattacks are more prolific than ever, and now Hollywood is at the mercies of internet pirates and computer criminals.


LA Times' DAVID NG/RYAN FAUGHNDER/PARESH DAVE: "Like most large corporations, major Hollywood studios are fond of outsourcing.

From coming attraction trailers that are designed to draw audiences into cinemas to eye-popping 3-D visual effects that burst off the screen, studios routinely farm out large chunks of work to vendors around the globe who compete to provide lowest-cost solutions."

"And therein lies a big cybersecurity problem, according to experts. Hackers increasingly are targeting these vendors to pilfer movies and TV series prior to their releases. The cyberthieves are betting — correctly in some cases — that lax network security at these vendors will allow easy access to content that they can hold hostage for a ransom."

"That was the case with two recent cyberattacks aimed at Walt Disney Co. and Netflix. The streaming company said that the hack of the TV series “Orange Is the New Black” occurred at a production vendor that works with other TV studios. While details of the Disney attack are murky, Chief Executive Bob Iger told employees last week that hackers claimed to have stolen a movie and are threatening to release it in segments until their demands for ransom were met."


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Trump's eight-day overseas trip is a traveling experience apparently unfamiliar to the presidential billionaire


LA Times' MICHAEL A. MEMOLI/NOAH BIERMAN: "Hee stifles yawns. His eyes narrow. And ultimately, when he garbles part of his speech, an aide explains that President Trump is “just an exhausted guy."


"It was only day two of an eight-day marathon that includes four countries, a city-state (the Vatican) and an occupied territory (the West Bank). By day three, in Israel, he was blinking through an appearance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

"It’s the kind of punishing trip — lots of important people pontificating in windowless rooms, up to seven time zones away — that would tax anyone."


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A recent botulism scare now has its first fatality, and a gas station's nacho cheese sauce is believed to be the source of the bacteria.


LA Times' VERONICA ROCHA: "A person has died after contracting botulism linked to a batch of nacho cheese sauce sold at a Sacramento County gas station, health officials said Monday."

"The California Department of Public Health did not identify the patient or provide details about the death. According to the department, 10 patients were hospitalized after eating tainted nacho cheese sauce from Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station in Walnut Grove."


'Health officials said the cheese had tested positive for the toxin the causes botulism, a rare illness caused by bacteria that can trigger paralysis, breathing difficulties and lead to death. The patients contracted the same toxin found in the cheese sauce."


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