Clinton pushes forward

Jul 29, 2016

As the DNC wraps up, Clinton calls for unification against Trump and says his vision of the United States is ''Midnight in America."


Anita Kumar and Leslie Clark in Sac Bee report: "Hillary Clinton offered herself to the nation as the dedicated public servant and tested leader best equipped to face a “moment of reckoning” and bring Americans together to solve the enduring problems of economic and national security."


"Clinton acknowledged the continued turmoil in the United States and across the world that has led to fear and anxiety but pledged to help Americans recover from the sluggish economy and keep them safe from terrorist threats."


"America is once again at a moment of reckoning,” Clinton said. “Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. Bonds of trust and respect are fraying. And just as with our founders there are no guarantees. It’s truly is up to us. We have to decide whether we’re going to work together so we can all rise together."


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As November edges closer, many celebrites are voicing their opinions about the presidential race. Most recent is George Takei of Star Trek fame, who has some choice words for Latin voters


Alexia Fernandez with L.A. Times reports: "The face is familiar, as is the baritone voice. Then he starts speaking. "


“Cuando era nino pequeno, los politicos…”


When I was a little boy, politicians used fear and racism against people of Japanese descent in this country.”


And in the wellness industry, Herbalife is catching some serious flack from the Federal Trade Commission; which could have repercussions for the company which is heavily invested in local sports and Olympic events.


Melody Petersen with L.A. Times reports: "How many of you would like to make at least a million dollars a year?” John Tartol, a top Herbalife distributor, asked a wildly cheering crowd filling a Los Angeles auditorium in 2012."


"For years, supplement-maker Herbalife Ltd. relied on these rag-to-riches pitches to attract people into the business of selling its weight-loss shakes, protein powders and teas. A brochure used until 2014 featured photos of ebullient people in front of mansions and fancy cars and offered “the opportunity to earn more than you ever thought possible."


"But those promotional promises must end with Herbalife’s $200-million settlement this month with federal regulators, who said the company had engaged in “deceptive and unlawful acts” by misleading people. The overwhelming majority of distributors earned little or no money, the regulators said, with many losing thousands of dollars. The company said it disagrees with many of the Federal Trade Commission’s findings."


It's been 4 years since Adam Lanza terrorized Newton, CT, and now Sandy Hook is re-opening its doors after a complete tear-down and restructuring of the institution.


AP in L.A. Times: "When the public gets its first glimpse Friday of the school built to replace the one where 20 first-graders and six educators were massacred, they'll see a building designed to be attractive, environmentally friendly, conducive to learning, and above all, safe."


"The old Sandy Hook Elementary School was torn down after the gunman's rampage in December 2012. The new $50 million, 86,000-square-foot school was built on the same property but not in the old footprint, and is scheduled to open next month. A media tour will precede a public open house on Friday."


"Local officials hope that allowing everyone a look at the school this week will give students a "quiet, respectful, and appropriate opening as teachers and students return to the new school year," on Aug. 29, Superintendent Joseph Erardi said."

Educational issues could receive a much larger profile with Clinton's choice of vice presidential running mate

EdSource's Louis Freedberg reports: "One issue that has strangely taken a back seat in the presidential campaign so far has been K-12 education."


"That could change with the selection of Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., as Hillary Clinton’s running mate."


"Because of Clinton’s lifelong interest in and attention to early childhood education, early learning and preschool have featured far more prominently than what happens to children in kindergarten through high school."


And in public safety, Berkeley is pushing mandatory officer bodycameras, and policies granting public access to them, for greater transparency.


Jessie Qian with Daily Californian reports: "The Berkeley Police Review Commission, or PRC, met Wednesday night to discuss a recent police-worn body cameras initiative as well as the police response to the December 2014 Black Lives Matter protest."


"During the meeting, the commission reiterated its stance on severalremaining unresolved issues between the PRC and BPD on the policy governing the use of the body-worn cameras — issues which are preventing that policy from being finalized."


"The discrepancies between the commission and the department include a PRC recommendation that would require BPD officers to file a report before viewing a recording in any use-of-force situations, as well as BPD’s proposal to allow officers to use personal recording devices — such as iPhones — in situations where a body-worn camera is not available or not working."


Speaking of public safety, Jerry Brown's November ballot initiaitve is aimed at improvements in the parole system and greater authority for judges.


Dorothy-Mills Greg reports in Capitol Weekly: "Gov. Jerry Brown has a lot riding on the November ballot."


"Voters will decide on his Proposition 57, which Brown says would let nonviolent inmates become eligible for parole sooner, create “good behavior” credits for state prisoners and let judges decide whether to try a juvenile as an adult. With California’s prisons crowded and facing a court-imposed population cap, and thousands of inmates housed outside the state, Brown says his measure makes sense."


"This is a very positive possible improvement if the voters embrace it because it will allow individuals to take some – take real control of their lives,” Brown, a Democrat, said when he unveiled the proposal earlier this year. “It will allow judges to take back their power of judging,” an apparent reference to a provision that allows judges — not prosecutors — to decide whether a juvenile should be tried as an adult."


And now from our "Take out the papers and the trash" file ...


It's easy to lose things in your trash: Cellphone, wallet, keys..gigantic mountain bear. These men got a lot more than they bargained for when taking their trash truck back to dispatch for a thorough cleaning..


UPI: "LOS ALAMOS, N.M., July 28 (UPI) -- A New Mexico volunteer firefighter washing his crew's truck captured video of a bear taking a ride on top of a moving garbage truck."


"Caleb Johnson of La Cueva VFD Sandoval County District 5 said in a Facebook post he and some fellow volunteer firefighters were washing their engine July 21 in Los Alamos when a bear popped out of the top of a passing garbage truck."


"Johnson snapped some photos and captured video of the bear's ride."

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